Finally, a good match of Magic. Duel Decks: Jace Vs Chandra

Gaby and I have been getting into a lot of nerdy stuff since I moved to Portland and one of the most fun things we’ve played are the Duel Decks from Wizards.  I’ve played Magic off and on for a long time, but after I sold my cards a few years ago, I just couldn’t justify spending big money to get back into the hobby.  The Jace Vs Chandra Duel Decks fills a niche for me by being affordable without sacrificing the depth of gameplay.

Twenty bucks buys two full-featured magic decks. That amount doesn’t buy a whole lot in Magic and I was really surprised by how deep and playable the decks are.   At first I felt like many of the cards might be underpowered as you wouldn’t see some of these cards in good general-purpose decks.  As an example, I’ve never really been interested in Morph creatures or “firebreathing” style creatures.  In this matchup, though, they provide crucial guessing games on each side.  I’ve found good uses for all of the cards in the blue deck, which has been my primary deck.

Gaby liked it because it she didn’t have to worry about building a deck.  We could play it as soon as we got it.  She also liked how it was more than just a beginner’s deck.  There are many quirks and strategies to learn due to the varied card pool.  I know I was surprised by the decks’ ability to turn around a seemingly “bad” hand with some clever combinations.  Unlike a well design “4x of everything” deck”, you get a good variety here and each match is different.

If you like Magic but don’t like spending $50+ on cards for each set, pick up a Duel Deck pack.  I can definitely recommend Jace vs. Chandra, and Divine vs. Demonic comes out soon.