Xbox Live Thumbs Up – Civilization Revolution

Never slow or intimidating, Civ Rev is the tightest Civ ever.

Burned by Ikariam’s lack of depth, wanted to play some real historical strategy. Dug up Civ 4, played it out with my friends. Not a month later, tried out Civ Rev, the “consolization” of the PC staple.  Expected a dumb port of Civ 4, got the freshest, most compellingly playable version of Civ. Great interface polish and fresh humor too!

Awesome, awesome, awesome. Two major unit changes.  Three-of-a-kind units can voltron into an “army”. Great improvement.  Old Civ was about attacking with 20 units in succession on a city, none of these small units matching well against any defensive unit.  Now, big army brawls to end it all.  Gives incentive to rally units before attacking.

Units now have attack power and defense power.  Eliminates weird bonuses like “city defense” and “doesn’t receive defensive bonuses”. Veteran upgrades are simplified and are more like bonuses than specializations. Streamlined, and you only get to pick from two of them (remember: bonuses, not specializations).  Example: all the “forest defense” “hills defense” etc bonuses are now “Guerilla”, a bonus in any of your territory.

Civ without the clutter is pure joy. I have no complaints about this demo.  Download it.  Appreciate Civ.  Play evil and take over the world!