A few more iPhone games

My iPhone gaming has slowed down over time, but I’ve still checked out a few new games in the last four or five months.

Bumpy Road – Control a cute car by moving the terrain around it.  I like the graphics more than the gameplay and didn’t end up playing this game for too long.  A novel take on platform jumping, but one that seemed unnatural to me.

Extreme Road Trip – A simple game about flipping your car as it drives to the right.  The precision involved in getting a perfect landing (instead of a decent one) is well rewarded with speed boosts that increase the action further.  Quick, addictive, and fun.

Groove Coaster – A one button version of Guitar Hero-style gameplay.  Cool graphical style and nice music.  Single tapping eventually felt boring to me and I was sometimes frustrated by parts that make the timing hard to understand.

Hard Lines – Tron/Snake with a lot of modes and a sense of humor.  This super-precision-based gameplay felt poorly suited for touch controls.  Maybe with more practice I would enjoy it, but I guess I didn’t want to play Snake that badly.

Sprinkle – Really cool water simulation tech helps make this a fun fire-fighting game.  Watching the water slosh around felt new and surprising.  Why don’t we see games with cool simulation on more powerful systems, like PC and consoles?

Feed Me Oil – Another game with cool liquid tech.  Here, you’re building Incredible Machine-style devices to transport goopy oil into the mouths of monsters.  I enjoyed this one less than Sprinkle, mostly because of the many puzzles that required hard-to-manage fans and spinning gusts of air.  With a better focus on easier-to-understand pieces, I’d like it more.

Sword and Sworcery – Adventure game with sick music and visuals.  I think it’d be a better fit on iPad, as the touch targets are a bit small on iPhone, but I’m still enjoying it anyhow.

Ramp Champ – Skee Ball with some video game twists.  Free and supported by In-App Purchases that unlock new tables to play.  I played it for a solid hour or two and enjoyed it for that time.

Strategery – Similar to a stripped-down Risk.  Fun and quick with an attractive interface.  Once you make it up to the highest level, though, games are more about who arbitrarily survives the first few rounds and less about strategy.

1-bit Ninja – One-button platform game.  At the time, I didn’t know this was a “thing” on iOS.  It turns out that this is a thing I don’t like.  Cute visuals, not a fan otherwise.

Super Stickman Golf – Exactly what I’d ask for with an iOS golf game.  Worms-style aiming, power ups, good courses, fun (local) multiplayer, and free.  I also like the sharp visuals, from the UI to the in-game graphics.  High marks for this one!

Scribblenauts Remix – A mini version of the creative Nintendo DS game.  The most fun part is imagining anything and having the game realize it.  Pregnant pirate ship?  Done.  Want to see whether a crocodile or a crocodile hunter wins?  Done.  So many funny ideas.

Async Corp. – A twist on Bejeweled with Japanese-style graphics.  Hard to recommend either way: it’s a puzzle game, so you’ll either get hooked or you won’t.  I didn’t.  The attempts at humor fell flat for me.