Dragon Age 2 Ending

(Spoilers, certainly)

I enjoyed much of DA2 but a good portion of the ending sequence played the wrong way for me.  I made some notes to try to figure out why it didn’t quite satisfy.

  • Anders didn’t succumb enough to Justice. He just sorta blows things up but seems otherwise pretty mellow about it afterward. He doesn’t go through a character arc, unlike some of the other party members. He’s the same character at the beginning and the end. Maybe if I had played Awakening he would have made more sense. I’d like him to actually get tense and angry and more badass instead of just staying the same Anders afterward.
  • Orsino is a weak character with few traits. He should be more brainy, more calculating, so that it’s even remotely believable that he could be a bad guy. Meredith is way more evil than him and it hurts the struggle. It would also help if there was some sort of reasoning why he turns into a demon and then attacks the players instead of Meredith.  That, or play him as very feeble and passive-aggressive, so when he turns on everyone it makes more sense.
  • The Circle also has a weak portrayal once you get inside. A half dozen mages doing the “idle conversation” emote doesn’t seem convincing enough. The circle in Origins was better delivered. Perhaps a quest or two could have traveled into the circle during the game. Maybe this is better explored if you’re a mage character.
  • I wish there was some sort of basis to why Meredith could summon giant clockwork monsters. Is lyrium mean to grant immense magical power to summon golems? I understand it’s the end of a videogame and it’s necessary to provide giant bosses. Fighting Meredith as she slows down and petrifies would have also been awesome.
  • It was probably a time crunch thing, but the city does not change over the course of 6 years and nor do the residents. Nobody seems to react to the battle with the Qunari besides your party members. Shouldn’t something have moved in there?