More iPhone Gaming

Axe in Face – Cute music and funny setup, but the gameplay didn’t catch me.  I like the use of iPhone/drawing controls.

The Blocks Cometh – A platform set in a world like Tetris, blocks constantly fall from the top of the screen.  Enjoying it but death seems to come out of nowhere.

Chaos Rings – Grabbed it on sale and glad I didn’t pay full for it.  A decent iPhone adaptation of Final Fantasy-style games, but the combat isn’t exceptional and it has less story and character than most RPGs.

Cut the Rope – Fun puzzles!  Definitely recommended.

Disc Drivin’ – Funny multiplayer game… it’s a turn based driving game!  Shuffleboard around a racetrack.  Fun was had by all.  Great design for both local and online multiplayer.

Dungeon Raid – Really addictive puzzle game with RPG trappings.  Games can sometimes go “infinite” and never end, which gets really dull.

Gravity Guy – There seems to be a sub-genre of “auto-run to the right and tap to jump” games, and this has the same problem as the others: it has a ton of cheap deaths.  They have a clever menu option that allows for high-res graphics to be downloaded on the fly, which seems smart to keep the download size small.

Kami Retro – Like Lemmings as a platformer, with swipe controls.  One weird part is that you must complete each level four times to proceed.  Didn’t hold my interest.

Meow Meow Happy Fight – “Twin Stick”-style deathmatch game with a cute art style.  Doesn’t seem very skillful so far.

Tiny Wings – Love it!  A perfectly implemented and simple gameplay mechanic with all the great graphics/sound/music you’d want.  Big recommendations!

6th Planet – Advertises that it has a comic book story along with the game.  The comic is awful and the game is just Lunar Lander.  Lots of hype, little game.

Shadow Era – Freemium clone of the World of Warcraft card game.  A cool way to play some cards for free, but I can’t imagine actually buying packs for this game.

Infinity Blade – Great touch controls, great visuals, interesting equipment, but repetitive.  It feels like all iPhone games are doomed to be arcade style games with little narrative, exploration, or adventure.