Gaming on iPhone so far

Battleheart – Biggest game for me so far.  Lead a party of adventurers in a series of battles. No story or exploration, just combat, but it’s fast and the controls are great.  Typical addictive RPG elements seals the deal.

Super Mega Worm – Eat people as a giant worm.  Controls are solid but the game doesn’t feel challenging.  For a buck, it’s fun and silly.

Death Knight – Uhhh played about 2 minutes and deleted.  Creaky controls that got in my way and didn’t like the art style.

Rage HD – Good ideas with the controls, but tilt control still feels unnatural for me, especially in a first person shooter.

Astronut – Cute, easy to play, solid controls.  Fun with gravity.

League of Evil – Adorable graphics and Super Meat Boy/N+/Splosion Man gameplay.  Great so far.

Helsing’s Fire – Promising puzzle game with awesome art and an interesting gameplay style involving shining light.

Street Fighter 4 – About as good a port as one could hope.  A novelty buy/play for me.

Space Miner – Hoping to get into this game but the graphics are a weird combo of anime guys, hillbillies, and 90s-looking 3d.  Controls have only been so-so.

Angry Birds – Yeah.

Puzzle Agent – Fun puzzles and hilarious characters and story.  Release more of these, please!

Anyone have a favorite?