Introducing Invade the Ruins, my Warcraft 3 project

Hey everyone, this is a post to explain what I’ve been doing with my days for the last few weeks and on and off for many years now.  I work on an add-on adventure for the Warcraft 3 game called Invade the Ruins.  Normally Warcraft 3 is a strategy game, but my project is a cooperative action game.  It’s meant to be played online with 3 other people through, which is built-in to WC3.

I’m working on an update to Invade the Ruins, and I want to make the best version of my map I’ve ever released.  To do that I need feedback from you about your experiences with it.  The focus of “Update 1” is on the Hero characters and their abilities.  Are they fun? Interesting? Useful?

Download and try out the new beta release, read about the hero changes, and leave me some feedback on the forums!