The Dark Knight – The Message Board

The Dark Knight was awesome!  In my post-cinema glow, I poked around for the trolls on the IMDb message boards.  The mind of the forum troll is complex and nuanced, full of anger, and sometimes just perversely hilarious.  Let me be your tour guide.

(Note that there are mild-to-major spoilers deep in the actual posts, but I won’t be directly spoiling.)

One thing IMDb posters hate are new, popular movies that are higher rated than Godfather/etc.  Absolute panic.  These movies settle down in rating eventually, but for now we get:

The next most common post is the misogynist post.  With the lovely Maggie Gyllenhaal replacing Katie Holmes from the first movie, the lady lead has an especially big target painted on her.  One can only wonder about why people make these sorts of posts:

Casting threads speculating future characters are such a cliche on IMDb’s boards that you can rarely find serious posts.  So nonsensical they make me laugh.

Some people can’t take the firehose-level blast of posts that a new movie entails:

Even I’m not alone: