A Month at the Gym

Joined a gym just after my birthday.  Being a sedentary sort of guy, exercise was a shock to my system.  I’ve stuck with it, though, and go 6 days a week most weeks. Motivation was always a big problem for me so I got a trainer.  Matty is hilarious and pushes me way harder than I could push myself.  On non-trainer days, I usually do a bunch of weights and try to measure my progress.  It is all a lot of fun to be working in a little system!  By isolating all the specific problems I have (soles of my feet, wrists/grip, conditioning), I feel like I can tackle each one rather than just feeling limited.

In addition to improving conditioning, this exercised has forced a better diet.  I drink a lot more water and juice and eat a lot more protein and grain.  Frequent exercise has proven to be a much better healthy eating incentive than other factors.  I’ve also been a little more patient with preparing food instead of just getting fast food.

While I’ve made a lot of progress, this month has showed me many things about my fitness that I need to improve and made the image of my body in my head a lot clearer.  Looking forward to continuing this physical training. My main goals are to get rid of my “weak points” (like grip and foot pain) and to be fit enough to go for jogs and runs without feeling terrible afterward.