A few more iPhone games

My iPhone gaming has slowed down over time, but I’ve still checked out a few new games in the last four or five months. Bumpy Road – Control a cute car by moving the terrain around it.  I like the graphics more than the gameplay and didn’t end up playing this game for too long. […]


Podcasts are a great way to gain understanding directly from people who work in the industry.  My favorite podcasts are from 5by5. My breakdown of the shows: Back to Work – Merlin is crazy if you haven’t heard/read him before, but I definitely love every minute of it. Certainly a good place to hear the affirmation […]

DTV converter trip-up

I was helping Gaby set up a converter box for her TV, and strangely, the antenna plug didn’t fit!  We ended up buying a newer antenna and that also didn’t fit.  Our converter box, by Philco, didn’t seem to fit any antennas!  Fortunately google had one good result: “Antenna Jack Won’t fit Converter Box” .  […]

Wizards of the Coast Finds More Online Troubles

From Gleemax’s unfinished launch to its sudden closure (with bumbling apologetic explanation) to the new layoffs, Wizards has fallen flat, again, online.  A company that releases excellent (if expensive) stuff can’t find a way to make its online presence matter.  Now, Magic and D&D are good enough that any web and software products can be […]

eBay’s Magic Is Gone

CNN Money writes about eBay’s slide from a financial point-of-view.  This quote from an earnings call made me reflect on some of the things I knew: “Buyers are increasingly buying from the highest rated sellers and buying less – in fact, they have stopped buying – from lower rated sellers,” Donahoe said Wednesday in a […]

The Dark Knight – The Message Board

The Dark Knight was awesome!  In my post-cinema glow, I poked around for the trolls on the IMDb message boards.  The mind of the forum troll is complex and nuanced, full of anger, and sometimes just perversely hilarious.  Let me be your tour guide. (Note that there are mild-to-major spoilers deep in the actual posts, […]