Retro Drafting Original Ravnica Block

I had another opportunity to do a retro Magic: The Gathering draft with my friend John and a group of 8 other people, including many of the same people as the Fallen Empires Draft.  Like that draft, I had a great time and wanted to reflect on my experience. The original Ravnica block draft includes […]

Retro Magic: The Gathering drafting with Fallen Empires

I had the opportunity to draft Fallen Empires and other sets, thanks to my coworker John.  These old sets have a reputation for being “undraftable” and bad. I had a great experience, though, and I wanted to write about all of the little things I noticed. Fallen Empires was released in 1994, soon after I […]

Impressions of D&D Fifth Edition

(Though out of date, you could read my three D&D Playtest articles: Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3) What I’ve Played My first D&D 5E play was on the day the Player’s Handbook released to retail stores, which was early August. We gathered a group and played a whole ton of of Hoard of the […]

D&D Next Playtest Nearing Its End, Still Making Big Changes

(If you haven’t read anything about D&D Next so far, check out Part 1 and Part 2 of my articles covering the changes in the system. Some of that stuff is now a bit old/obsolete, but the majority still applies) Skill-free Skills are gone. A large part of the game since 3rd edition, the removal […]

Developments in D&D Next

D&D Next development has progressed since my first post on the new system and I want to break down the changes.  DDN is radical in the game design world: rather than try to upgrade or rework a previous system, DDN attempts to break down and simplify D&D. Buckle up, because we’re going real deep. Understanding Scaling […]

Understanding D&D Next

The public play test of D&D Next has been released.  This preview allows us to get an idea of where they are going with the the successor to 4th edition.  Their stated goal is to simplify the game and return to the roots of the game.  I’d like to break down some of the major changes, using […]

Enjoying Magic: The Gathering on the Cheap

I enjoy playing Magic and reading about new sets, but I definitely don’t enjoy keeping boxes of cards around.  Buying lots of packs and trying to trade for cards also does not appeal to me.  While I enjoy drafting, it is pretty expensive if you don’t intend to keep the cards.  So, whenever I can, […]

Working on Invade the Ruins

I’m jumping back into working on my Warcraft 3 mod, Invade the Ruins.  I feel this itch every once in a while and it’s always a lot of fun.  My first order of business (besides looking more at that crash bug) is reconsidering the Heroes and how I could make them more fun.  Since there […]

Wizards of the Coast Finds More Online Troubles

From Gleemax’s unfinished launch to its sudden closure (with bumbling apologetic explanation) to the new layoffs, Wizards has fallen flat, again, online.  A company that releases excellent (if expensive) stuff can’t find a way to make its online presence matter.  Now, Magic and D&D are good enough that any web and software products can be […]

D&D Mind-Blow

This is a pre-article.  I’ve been playing a little 4th Edition D&D and I’m going to be posting my impressions. Until then, check out the author on this 30 year D&D retrospective.