DTV converter trip-up

I was helping Gaby set up a converter box for her TV, and strangely, the antenna plug didn’t fit!  We ended up buying a newer antenna and that also didn’t fit.  Our converter box, by Philco, didn’t seem to fit any antennas!  Fortunately google had one good result: “Antenna Jack Won’t fit Converter Box” .  […]

Last Two Tag Videos

Thanks to everyone who followed our travel log, here are two “forgotten” episodes that I was too busy doing Portland stuff to post earlier. Episode 14: Episode 15:


Will be on the road on my way to Portland, Oregon, my new home!  See for text updates or for video. 🙂

A Month at the Gym

Joined a gym just after my birthday.  Being a sedentary sort of guy, exercise was a shock to my system.  I’ve stuck with it, though, and go 6 days a week most weeks. Motivation was always a big problem for me so I got a trainer.  Matty is hilarious and pushes me way harder than […]

Revolution Denied

Joe and I became true Xbox 360 players today, as our system has RROD’d like so many other 360s.  After months of eagerly anticipating Civilization Revolution, I popped in a fresh disc today and the system locked up.  Rebooted, RROD.  Oh no!  Out of commission for a few weeks.

Minus 3 days

Brought back all-desserts-birthday!  Breakfast: Ice Cream Lunch: Burger King Sundae Pie and a Donut (washed down with soda but that doesn’t add to counter) Dinner: Coffee cake appetizer, then to Bertucci’s for the Dessert Trilogy of Cannoli, Chocolate Budino, and Tiramisu with Cocoa Irish Coffee Post-Supermarket-Visit: Rice Crispie Treat, French Toast Twists dipped in chocolate, PowerBar […]

Minus 4 days

June 2nd I quit World of Warcraft as a birthday present to myself, one day early. I really needed to do it! I’ve met almost a dozen of my WoW friends and it was hard to put the game aside. I’m moving up, though! I started working on making this blog a reality. I want […]