Introducing Invade the Ruins, my Warcraft 3 project

Hey everyone, this is a post to explain what I’ve been doing with my days for the last few weeks and on and off for many years now.  I work on an add-on adventure for the Warcraft 3 game called Invade the Ruins.  Normally Warcraft 3 is a strategy game, but my project is a […]

Hey, Some Forums

Invade the Ruins now has Forums!

Stay on Target

The Dune Strider revamp completes the hero overhaul for Update 1 of Invade the Ruins.  She’s an archer meant to pump out damage but also heal allies occasionally.  Her low health means she must use her healing, invulnerability, and teleportation spells to evade danger.  Her design has always been one of the weaker ones, which […]

Knight Writer

The Dusk Knight is the second-to-last hero in Update 1 of my Invade the Ruins map project.  She’s a tough tank character who deals damage through counterattacks but is a little dull to play.   I’m looking to give her a few more attacks to choose from.  Here are her current skills: Stinging Blades: Hits […]

To the Ends of the Earth

Today I’m talking about the Earthtalker, the third-to-last hero to be renovated in my Invade the Ruins update.  He’s generally underpicked as a hero but a favorite of those who do play him.  I’m hoping to add a little synergy as well as giving him something to help his party.  Here’s his current skill lineup: […]

Under the Sea

Today I’ll be talking about the Trident Beast, the next hero to be reworked in my Invade the Ruins update.  The naga tends to be a fan favorite and has a variety of fun abilities.  I’ve had a couple small tweaks in mind for him as well as one big change.  Here are his current […]

Swashbuckling Derring-do

The Swashbuckler is the next hero overhaul in my Invade the Ruins update.  I have to admit, the Swashbuckler has always been a bit of a bastard child for me.  He’s very popular on the selection screen, but I had neither the will nor the ideas to make him a hero I truly enjoyed playing.  […]

Windy Work

Today’s update on Invade the Ruins is about the Skyknight.  The SK has long been the “control group” for hero design, having several really basic spells: a direct target heal and a direct target damage.  The trickiness with him is in designing his third spell.  Let’s look at his full spellbook: Lightning Flash: Shocks three […]

Infernal Research

I worked on the Feral Diabolist today as part of working on my Warcraft 3 map, Invade the Ruins.  The Diabolist already has a few interesting things going on with his development and I felt like he could be a good next step in figuring out my vision with this new version.  He’s a melee […]

Working on Invade the Ruins

I’m jumping back into working on my Warcraft 3 mod, Invade the Ruins.  I feel this itch every once in a while and it’s always a lot of fun.  My first order of business (besides looking more at that crash bug) is reconsidering the Heroes and how I could make them more fun.  Since there […]